Stocked with more than 400 quality bottle selections, Oscars Bar & Grille has one of the best whiskey collections in all of Colorado. Oscars has become a welcoming stop for whiskey drinkers.Whether you’re into Bourbon, Scotch, Irish whiskey or some of Japan’s finest, and are either a novice or a pro whiskey aficionado – there is something definitely here for you. Even the most seasoned drinker would have trouble conquering Oscars impressive bottle collection, but the challenge itself is half the fun. Specializing in hard to find, allocated, very small batch, special edition or just highly recognizable distillers we are sure to tease your palate. The vibe is relaxed, sure, the attitude toward fine whiskey is anything but. Pack your bags, whiskey fans, as this is one whiskey stop that is worth the trip.

Oscars has evolved into a gathering place to talk, drink, learn & explore whiskey. We’ve created a comprehensive expression of American Whiskey, complemented by select global whiskeys from Scotland & Japan.